Hydraulic Systems

Mr Hydraulics is the one stop shop for all kinds of high quality hydraulic systems.

Through many years of trading in the hydraulic industry we have built up a comprehensive supply chain of hydraulic suppliers & manufacturers and we are able to distribute the highest quality equipment to satisfy customer needs.

Please find below some of our hydraulic accessories. Contact us with details of your specific requirements or visit our facility in Kings Park, Sydney.

Pump, Gear, Vane & Piston

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps supply fluid to the components in hydraulic systems. Their power has a ten times greater density than an electric motor.

At Mr Hydraulics we sell all types of hydraulic pumps including:

  • Gear pump: Our gear pumps are affordable and durable. They are perfectly suitable for handling pressures below 20 MPa (3000 psi).
  • Vane pump: Our vane pumps are reliable in performance and affordable. They can be used for higher-flow low-pressure output.
  • Piston pump: Our piston pumps are more expensive than gear or vane pumps, but they guarantee to last longer while operating under higher pressure.
At Mr Hydraulics you can also find a wide range of gears, belts, or couplings to connected your pump to an electric device.
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At Mr Hydraulics we have various valves to control the flow of hydraulic fluids:
  • Solenoid valves: Solenoids are applied to shut, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids. They can be found in many different industries. Our solenoids valves are fast and offer safe switching off fluids, high reliability performance and long lasting service. They can be used in various fluid power systems.
  • Manual valves: We offer a range of high quality manually operated valves that work with simple levers or paddles. We are specialised in service and repair your manually valve. Call us on 1800 282 282 for further information.
Mr Hydraulics can help you if you are looking for any other specific hydraulic valves. We can offer you a wide choice of valves as are premium valve suppliers for many manufacturers in Australia.

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Geroler / Gerotor Motors

This type of hydraulic motor is also known as an internal gear motor and is one of the most used and applied in Australia. We have a wide variety of Gerotor motors in different shapes and sizes available for various industrial usages. Gives us a call on 1800 282 282 for further information.